Confluence Exhibition

Role: Graphic Designer 

I designed the visual identity of the group exhibition Confluence: Uncertain Archives. 

Additionally, I co-wrote the statement that outlined the theoretical framework of the exhibition. 


How do ideas, actions, objects and events converge for history to “happen”? Can this confluence be measured? How do we reflect on it? We mine archives for ideas, stories and people and end up also finding conflicts, gaps, and redactions. The sources we draw upon are personal and public: some artists in the show address the history of space, while others speak to a more recent past. Uncertainty occurs any time we try to construct meaning from perceptive and subjective experiences.This confluence is where we connect: to question, deviate from, and contribute.

The first iteration of the Fall 2017 MFA Thesis show consists of a multi-channel stream of histories and narratives. Video works by Christian Hendricks use his own body and image as both an instrument of the screen and the primary research source itself. Sculptures by Alta Buden focus on data failure and the breakdown of the human/ nature divide. Paintings by Christian Breed explore the space between the spiritual and scientific. A video by Katy McCarthy wonders if, in order to understand your historical research, you might need to become it. Anael Berkovitz’s installation speaks to collective and individual memories through ways of storytelling.Victoria Dolloff’s installation explores objects as place and place as memory, utilizing fragmentation as reconstruction. Lang Zhang’s installation seeks to stretch encounters/echoes between ideas and senses. Jongwon Bae’s paintings reflect his childhood memories as an archive, repressed until it manifests itself in uncertain ways as it becomes confluent with the anxiety about the future.