Pairing with my own personal media obsession, I have 6+ years experience producing editorial video and documentary work. I have produced and directed web series and sponsored content, written editorial features, and conducted social and policy research.


Documentary Films & Editorial Video

Transgender Healthcare Short Doc 

Wrote, produced, and directed a short documentary film that shed light on the harrowing experiences of trying to gain proper healthcare as a trans person in America. [MORE


The Is Stand-Up (Web Series)

Shooter/producer/editor for a web docu-series for the Village Voice that followed the night lives of NYC-based comedians. [MORE]

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Queer In The South (Web Series) 

Produced and directed a web series that focused on real people and real stories from queer people in the South. It was a recurring blog feature on HuffPo Queer Voices. [MORE]

Fruitless Bloodline

A short essay film about the intersection of ancestry and sexuality. [MORE

An Archaeology of Absence

A short essay film about Broken Windows Theory, surveillance and Donald Rumsfeld. [MORE


Writing & Research

Huffington Post Blog - Art Reviews 

Regularly contribute reviews of contemporary art exhibits on the Huffington Post blog. [MORE


Lookie-Lookie Arts Journal 

Contributing editor and writer for Lookie-Lookie Arts Journal. My focus is on the intersection of design, politics and technology. [MORE

Qualitative Research 

Conducted analytical research for my graduate qualitative research methods class focusing on social visibility versus media representation during the AIDS crisis. [MORE]

Master's Thesis 

Wrote my master's thesis on new media artists that engage with political systems, addressing issues such as surveillance, corporatism, and globalization. [MORE]

Press & Featured Spots


The Atlantic's CityLab 

I was interviewed about a media installation project I made for a feature on CityLab. [MORE


Süddeutsche Zeitung

I was interviewed about my Queer In The South project for the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. [MORE

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A video I produced for I'm From Driftwood about the gay son of the founder of conversion therapy was featured on Salon. [MORE

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Hyperallergic wrote a feature on my Queer In The South series. [MORE


I began my creative career as a photographer. I initially focused on documentary photography, and since have pursued a variety of projects both in the field and the studio.