Installation views & designs

MFA Thesis Exhibition

My thesis exhibition included a selection of projects, both film and print.  Interconnected yet independent, all of the works orbit around the concept of “post-representation.” Major developments in recent decades have rewired the operation of representation altogether. The internet has complicated representations of people and social relations, while the substitution of capitalism for democracy has attenuated possibilities for political representation. As writer Hito Steyerl has noted, representation has become something closer to the speculation of what a consumer wants to see, rather than a truthful depiction of reality. Reality according to the internet is not represented so much as it is virtually fabricated and auctioned off in real time. Unlike a “real” photograph of a person, digital imaging technologies can now instantaneously generate a lifelike depiction of someone just from the images of them that are publicly available online. This new circuitry is not representational at all–it is, as Steyerl puts it, post-representational

These three films approach various representational paradoxes, while my collaboration with a computer script produced the graphic prints. The work is neither expository nor obfuscating, controlled nor chaotic. My practice is an improvised duet with the mechanics of representational systems.