Visual Encyclopedia of
Theory & Philosophy

Role: Art Director & Designer


The worlds of scientific hypothesis, mathematical theory and philosophical inquiry are often conveyed in difficult language – and understandably so! Theorists and philosophers dedicate lifetimes to the development of these radical and innovative ideas, and these ideas can require long, complicated explanations. That’s why designer Christian Hendricks has teamed up with David Egan and Julie Zhu (a philosopher and a mathematician, respectively) to make a new book to help all of the philosophy-curious out there. This book aims to provide a useful companion to learning more about these ideas and assist the visual learner in all of us.

The book takes an explorative approach to explaining complex, obscure, and sometimes strange ideas that aren’t always easy to comprehend. Descriptive texts are included in the book, but the focus is on the visualizations. It is designed to be something like a hybrid of a textbook and an artist’s sketchbook.